A first of its kind, rapid development sunless solution introduced specifically for clients who just can’t wait the usual 8-12 hours (24 hours recommended) for their post-session warm water rinse. 


 After your Express airbrush spray tan application, please follow the schedule below for your warm-water rinse (no soap, no hot water)


- Rinse in 1-hour to achieve Light Bronze Color.

- Rinse in 2-hours to achieve Medium Bronze Color.

- Rinse in 3 or more hours for Darkest Bronze Color.


When it is your specific time your technician recommended you to shower, rinse with warm water. 

Start wearing lotion the following day and use daily.

*No Dove products


Retail $75



An exotic formula with a unique combination of violet and brown tone bronzer. Its violet hue bronzers give a very Mediterranean like color. The finished product produces a reddish glow to the skin giving the appearance of natural, sun-kissed radiance!


Retail $75